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I was once in a corporate job that had banned all sites I would open (that were outside of my work domain). While social media is still understandable, they would also ban good blogs that would keep me inspired during the day.

(I eat 7-8 tiny meals a day, and need similar nutrition for my mind as well) :))

Thus, I figured a jugaad.

I started sending an email from my personal email ID to my work email ID often.

The content would be nothing that could be banned, but only inspirational stuff that was much-needed amidst the chaotic corporate world. (Checking your phone is so big of a distraction, you know it!)

Thus, I thought, just like me, so many people would need an inspiration as food for thought in their work life.

Also, these are busy people who do not have time to read long emails (that I love writing).

Thus, the idea of “Raw and Real: Conversations on Life” was born.

Every Saturday, you will get 1 raw and real story, 2 cool one-liners and 3 gratitudes that you can apply right now to your work life, or are some inspiration that will get you thinking.

More than anything else, they are the much-needed snacks in a mundane day, that will only energise you further.

I’ll see you every Saturday in your inbox, at 8.30 AM IST, my friend :)

Till then, you may read all previous versions of Raw and Real here.

O, btw, I also write a daily blog at nishtha.blog - 2,240+ blogs and counting. Never missed a day since July 2023. Less than 100 words. Might pay a visit when you want to chit chat with a friend :))

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